Blogger SEO - Optimize Meta Description

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Since old blogger dashboard will be removed this month, knowing Blogger new interface is necessary now and then and it's my pleasure to dive all features available there. For instance the new interface offers several SEO features under a term called 'search preferences'. Adding meta description is one of them that makes the job easier within the interface. In other words, we don't have to do much template editing, like before, to gain benefits from this kind of HTML meta element.

Google Page Rank Update May 2012

Have you guys checked your PageRank lately? After the first update last February, Google has just updated its second PageRank (PR) for 2012. I don't know how important is having higher PR to you? People may say - in fact it's true - the number of visitors for your blog/website doesn't depend on this scale. That is why, sometimes, zero PR blogs may have higher traffic volume than yours.

Old Blogger Dashboard Will Be Removed

Are you one of those who sticks with old Blogger dashboard? No matter what the reasons are, I believe you - and I - have been advised to upgrade the interface. Because we know our old dashboard can't stay longer. And it's going to be true in the coming month. Oh no! They will totally remove the old Blogger interface.

Add New Google+ Share Button

Few days back Google+ launched another button that lets you to include in your blogs - Now it's called Google+ share button. This button allows you share an article with your circles or followers. The button itself appears almost identical to its sibling; +1 button. And yes, in fact you could share through the +1 button too.

Host CSS Files Using Dropbox

Dropbox is a great online data back-up service that lets you store up to 100GB, and for basic users (i.e. free version) it offers a space of 2GB. It’s also a good way to sync your files across your multiple devices. Plus the service is fairly easy to use. Just install the app and start 'drag and drop' files you want to sync in your Dropbox folders on your computer or mobile device.
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