Customize Blogger Comment System

Blogger have developed an embedded comment form. This is probably the most requested feature for Blogger. With the recent comment system, the incoming comments also will be automatically detected as spam or not. Of course, this is a better comment managing system than before. But you're getting tired with the same looking everyone else has. And you want a custom theme to match your blog template. I'm not saying you have to use other 3rd party commentary system. Just spend your time with this list of great tutorials. After reading all 5 articles below, I believe you will be able to completely built a custom looking corner in your Blogspot.

Fixing The Words

Default system will show "1 COMMENTS" instead "1 COMMENT". Visit this page and you don't need any javascript to fix it. Also you can change comment titles with your own words.

Changing The Appearance

Then, play with any colors to give more visual impact. It's better to know every elements inside the system so you can style it with CSS. By the way, simply follow this guide.

Showing Avatars

If you are using default blogger template things would be much easy. But if you have a customized template you will have to add some codes and play around with your template. Go through this post including all comments to make it happens to your blog.

Adding Reply Option

You must have noticed that Blogger system does not have 'Reply' option to it comments. With a very little change to your template you can add this hack to your blog. Read this.

Styling Author Comments

Blogger doesn't indicate author comments in any way that can be accessed through a CSS rule. So, to make blog author's comment more noticeable, Jeremy Martin has written useful jQuery script and very clear explanation in his article.
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