Old Blogger Dashboard Will Be Removed

Are you one of those who sticks with old Blogger dashboard? No matter what the reasons are, I believe you - and I - have been advised to upgrade the interface. Because we know our old dashboard can't stay longer. And it's going to be true in the coming month. Oh no! They will totally remove the old Blogger interface.

old dashboard

I admit everything is changed. I hope at least it can be as good as it used to be from the point where it is nowhere. Maybe because of overuse, missing or it's just weird. Then we say the old Blogger interface is more user friendly. However we are not gaining benefits from several major features that come with the new interface. For instances meta description, redirection and indexing.

So Why I dislike New Blogger Interface

Are you aware that it isn’t compatible with iOS devices? Although I don't practice mobile blogging, I keep browsing from my iphone/ipod of course when I'm away from my desk. So I always be there checking my blog's status. Unfortunately the new interface brings so much problems with tapping and scrolling.

Google says we can still mobile blog with their Blogger iPhone app. But I would say here that the app is next to useless, nothing better than notepad. I use the app only for my drafts.

The vibrant pumpkins. Uh! I just couldn't stand with orange text on white background.
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