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Since old blogger dashboard will be removed this month, knowing Blogger new interface is necessary now and then and it's my pleasure to dive all features available there. For instance the new interface offers several SEO features under a term called 'search preferences'. Adding meta description is one of them that makes the job easier within the interface. In other words, we don't have to do much template editing, like before, to gain benefits from this kind of HTML meta element.

What is Meta Description

If you use Blogger custom templates, most likely you might have seen/added meta description tag in the head of your template;

<meta name="description" content="Template, tutorials, and articles to help Blogger users build a better Blogger blog" />

You can see the <meta> tag defines a description of a page. Search engines will use the text inside content attribute, in this case "Template, tutorials, and articles to help Blogger users build a better Blogger blog", as metadata when indexing that page. However don't get wrong here: Google itself doesn't use meta description tag to rank your pages. The only thing the metadata does is show up under the page title in search results.

meta description on the serp

Meta Description and SEO

It does make sense but nothing to do with rankings. Aside showing the most relevant results for particular keywords, Google aims telling a searcher what the content is about on a web page. Providing a summary of the page on the SERPs supposes to help the searcher saving his time looking for the right information. Here meta description tags will play their role.

There are a lot of webmasters that misuse meta description tags to spam the SERPs. To promote their brands or services. They start stuffing keywords in the description to feed web crawlers and hope winning content relevancy. So basically meta description tags have been ignored when Google has started looking at the actual content of the web pages.

If the meta description is not present, search engines will display 150-character summary from any parts of the page content. I also noticed a few times that the summary came from visitor's comment.

meta description from content

Furthermore nowadays most social media sharing tools also will pick up meta description tag (if available) as a snippet - A very brief and concise summary (1-2 sentences) of your page's content. If not there, they will grab your contents directly.

Increase Traffic with Meta Description

So why we should optimize this web feature?. Because having a page ranked on SERP isn't going to get you anywhere if no one clicks on it.

Meta descriptions for your web pages can improve the chances of your site being clicked on.

The job of the meta description tag is to explain what your page is about. It will be the first piece of information, that web users will see when they search for something. As you are competing with thousands of other websites, the descriptions are critical to promoting your pages. So, well optimized meta descriptions on the SERPs can improve chances your pages to be clicked. In other words, it will increase CTR (click through ratio) that transforms the traffic of your website.

DO and DON'T

Meta description in every page of your website should be different. It should always unique displaying a descriptive summary to represent facts from your content besides defining as accurate as possible the title. Also it always good to be clear in your description. You might use strong and motivating words that make people excited more to click on your links. Make them inviting.

Despite that don't stuff meta description with full of keywords. Google hates spammers and placing the keywords in your meta description isn’t important for SEO purposes anymore. Having a list of keywords might decrease your CTR. Keep in mind a good post title and your page description is an advertisement. Not a gimmick that might increase bounce rates. Yes, you should include your keywords in the tags, but don't stuff them in.

Again, it's not enough to be among the top results but no one clicks through to your website.

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